Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Cal is thirteen, so he's still learning how to make meals on his own. We help him out by purchasing simple things like cereal and Hot Pockets. And Easy Mac.
My mom received a phone call from my little brother one day when she was at the store, and he said to her when she picked up,
"Mom, um, where are you?"
and she said
"I'm driving home..why, what's wrong?". She asked what was wrong because Cal had the sound of fear and confusion in his preteen boy voice that's not quite done changing.
"I'm having some trouble with the microwave,"
"Well what's the matter?" mom was getting worried.
"Nothing, just come home soon,"
So mom came home soon and Cal was sitting on the wooden swing-bench in the front yard, staring at his dirty boy hands. Mom got out of the car and walked into the smokey scented house with Cal. Cal lead her to the microwave and when he opened it, grey air swirled and spilled everywhere, all over the counter. When the air cleared, what was visible was, at first, an undecipherable object that was yellow and blue and black. It smelled awful, like the smell that rocks make when you clash them together to make a spark, mixed with the smell of plastic and preservatives. It was hot to the touch so mom got an oven mitt.
"I forgot to add water," Cal said.

The birth of "Easy Smoke", ladies and gentlemen.


  1. hahaha this is what should be expected...

  2. I love this shit. Especially the part where he's staring at his dirty boy hands, lol. You should write more about your brother.