Thursday, February 25, 2010


Some people are just not people you can trust. For instance, the friend who snips pictures from your last month's Vogue magazine.

Excuse me, may I snip snip you?

So every day from that moment on, you look at this dimwit with cynical eyes, and spending your time with them becomes a burden because you now must keep a close eye on all of your magazines, or, similarly to any occasion when you know spittling infants are among you: hide the damn magazines.

The same person who robs you of your right to look at pictures while you read the latest celeb news will also always think that they are your dearest friend. They will most definitely call you up and ask for rides to places you would never otherwise trek, and they will borrow your money (in this case, the word "borrow" means "to take and keep"), and your clothes.

I've decided that I'm just not interested in such folk. Not no more.

Oh, and NO ONE is allergic to water. Please inform me if you are. Alright guys you win!


  1. Maggie, I recently learned that there are actually 30 people in the world who are allergic to water. Pretty sketchy, but I thought I'd inform you.

  2. How do they go on living then?

    A.) water is essential for survival and
    B.) it's found in almost EVERYTHING.

    I ask you again, how do they go on living?

  3. Dude. Gmail me the bitch who snipped your magazines, I wanna know, lol

    And I've HEARD RUMOR that people can be allergic to water... but idk how this happens.

  4. If Tyra says that people can be allergic to water, then people can be allergic to water. What Tyra says, goes. Gosh Maggie!!

  5. I agree with Katherine. Tyra's word is truth, Maggie. Get over it. :)