Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's nice to have a friend

This morning, I woke up on a black futon in a basement. My arm was asleep and my phone was beeping and everything was groggy, so, fuddled, I pressed "dismiss" on the alarm and woke up forty-five minutes later at ten twenty-eight.

We ended up pulling out of the driveway and it was still before noon.

We drove to Edgartown because Katie had an urge to go there so I grabbed my wallet and I was excited to buy a muffin and a latte, because even though it wouldn't be a Che's latte it would still be tasty right about then.

McPhails: Thanks for a great season! See you in April! Okay, fine.
Among the Flowers: Being renovated? Whatever.

So we hopped back in the car and settled for Espresso Love because it's the only place open year round all week in Edgartown. Just one of many reasons down town Edgartown is probably the lamest town on the island. We drove for three minutes and parked on Winter street because the roads in Edgartown are all one way and there would be a lot of driving if we parked anywhere else. So we walked by the bus station and through that little back alley way that leads the the parking lot by the movie theatre and E Love. I screamed when every parking space in the whole lot was empty. I JUST WANTED A GOD DAMN MUFFIN! HOW F*#^$@&* MUCH IS THAT TO ASK? Is what I shouted.

By the time we'd walked back to the car it was one o'clock and the people at the bus station had heard me having a tantrum but I didn't care because my stomach was growling and I was so shocked that there was no where in Edgartown to get a cup of joe and something to eat. I still can't believe it.

On the way home, Katie and I sat silently in her '87 Oldsmobile. I thought of how uncomfortable it could be not to talk and how glad I am that we don't need to. It reminded me times when silence was worse than anything and how it was almost just as awkward to talk. You both know how the other person will respond to anything you say and you may as well not even be talking because everything brought up is not just stupid small talk, but the lamest of small talk. You know, when your palms are sweating and you feel more embarrassed with each tenth of a mile you drive and suddenly one of you says something like,
"I can't believe how nice out it is today. It's so sunny," if it's nice out, or,
"I hate this crappy weather," if it's raining. Even if you like rain you'll say you hate it and the other person will always say
"Yeah, I know. It sucks,"
And that's it. Maybe you nod for a couple seconds and do that weird flat thing that people do with their mouth that's meant to solidify something that was just said and the driver switches hands on the wheel but then it's back to silence. Then you play with your phone and sometimes if it's really dire, you play one of your phones' ringtones and you look at the screen like you're annoyed and you say,
"It's my brother. I bet he's wondering if I got his message last night. Sorry...'Hi, yeah. Pause. No I told you I was staying over. Pause. Well--ye--yea--YES I did. Pause. Okay I'll talk to you later. Pause. Okay I'll make sure. Pause. Bye,"

I'm glad I don't have to do that.

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